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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Posetivity programs are designed to compliment any educational curriculum. Posetivity’s mission is to provide a holistic approach to life for students, educators & parents through promoting a holistic approach with the aim to create a Healthy & Happy schools.


Nowadays, children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more throughout their school hours, but are restricted with time and resources. The main challenge remains to reach even the most isolated child, that is not only challenged physically but also emotionally & socially.


Posetivity was able to create a unique, innovative and empowering program for children and teenagers because they care about  the mental & physical wellbeing of our children. Our programs are designed to help kids and teenagers achieve their goals through self-discipline, self-confidence and self- awareness to discover their true inner potential.


Our vision is to see our children grow and blossom being happy, positive and healthy.

Our mission is to spread positivity and share tools to develop awareness on how to lead a positive healthy lifestyle.

About Posetivity

Who is Posetivity?

Natalia Hassanie

Mrs. Posetivity

Founder of Posetivity Sports Services Yoga & Mindfulness Curriculum Programs

A Mother to three 3 girls - Emma Joy 12, Jasmine 11, and Jana Sofia 6 – Natalia has lived in Dubai since 2001. Since moving here, she has channelled her passion for Yoga into her company, Posetivity, which uses kids yoga, teen yoga and mindfulness to help children overcome their emotional challenges, discover their inner strength, and develop positive thinking from an early age.


As a certified Yoga teacher, Natalia is able to tailor Posetivity’s programmes to perfectly complement school curriculums, yet it is her life experiences that are truly making a difference to children in Dubai schools.

RYT 200 hours

Pranavayu Yoga Teacher Training


RYT 100 Hrs

Hatha Yoga Training


Rainbow Kids Yoga

Kids and Families Teacher Training


Teen Yoga UK

Teacher Training


Mindful Schools

Mindfulness Fundamentals Training

Mindfulness Curriculum Training

In 2014, Natalia was diagnosed with breast cancer and has used yoga and meditation to overcome her latest battle. She is now more determined than ever to share those benefits with children and has started her collaboration with KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority – Dubai Government) through delivering wellbeing programs at their workshops.​