Posetivity [pose-i-tiv-ty]


Noun, plural

An individualistic state where humans are able to address their

 physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing


Back in 2013, Posetivity came alive in order to equip youth with the tools to overcome social and emotional challenges through an innovative and engaging approach combining yoga, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 

Posetivity Curriculums are able to compliment any academic school curriculum and thus helping youth discover their inner power and develop their self awareness.

By 2020, Posetivity's journey will be reaching into corporate, communities and eventually become available on virtual platforms.

Our corporate programs are considered to "disrupt" workplaces and turn offices into wellness spaces, allowing employees to connect with each other but most importantly to be able to release the daily stress and thus increase their creativity and productivity.

Mindful Leadership is a special area we always like to intervene in and thus shifting the corporate culture and turn it into just another community.

Who is Posetivity?


Natalia Hassanie

Mrs. Posetivity

Founder of Posetivity Sports Services 

Yoga & Mindfulness Curriculum Programs

A mother of three girls who stumbled on yoga and mindfulness in 2013.

Lebanese by blood, Argentinean by heart enjoying Dubai as my home since 2001. 

Humanitarian on the path of life.

Blessed with challenges like cancer, which I chose to turn into opportunities.

An advocate of Mindful living, I find myself infusing mindfulness into corporates, schools, communities as well as within individuals.

Every October I dedicate my time and efforts to raise awareness, in collaboration with Al Jalila Foundation, and plant a seed of courage spreading a message of hope to cancer survivors, care givers and companies by always cultivating a 'Posetive' mindset.

The journey still looks exciting and full of opportunities to find along the way...

Reminding people to:
Be Present
Be Here

Mindfully one breath at a time


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