mix & match program sessions to your preference.

journey to posetivity

1. Posetivity Lifestyle Challenge

Challenge your tribe to develop new habits by engaging them with new lifestyle routines daily, such as mental exercises, emotional challenges, self-awareness tools and physical workouts.


This challenge creates a big opportunity for your company to showcase its support on the importance of mental health within your corporate culture and an easy way to portray and share with the world your efforts through social platforms.

Duration: 5 days

You can also join us for our 21 day challenge to develop new positive habits.

2. Mind Talk

This interactive and engaging webinar will introduce Mindfulness into your corporate culture sharing basic tools and the benefits of it in the wellness of your tribe collectively and individually.

Duration: 30 mins.

3. Posetivity Clinic

Posetivity joins your tribe for a full day carrying out 1-on-1 appointments with individuals at your organization.

The clinic will consists of:

Employees will be able to personally address their emotional challenges & gain mindfulness tools to address their own challenges

Employees will evaluate their daily physical performance & learn more ways to stay active, healthy & motivated in their fitness journey 

Employees will be able to address 1-on-1 with a nutritionist their eating habits & how to direct them towards a healthier perspective.
All you need to do is to book a day and we will take care of the rest.

Employees will be guided to our online booking system where they will directly be able to book their 15 min. slots with one of our 3 coaches to address what is needed for them to lead a positive, active and healthy lifestyle.

Package includes:

  • Monviso special discounted code for personal deliveries

  • Gravity One day access passes

Duration: Full working day (9 am – 6 pm)

4. posetivity boosters

Infuse Posetivity and uplift your tribe’s emotional state by engaging them in a fun, meaningful and mental boost.


Choose what to boost your tribe with:


Share a mindfulness short practice to calm the mind and declutter your brain.


Stretching those upper body muscles to boost circulation and release tension to last longer on your desk.



Tips on what to snack on throughout the day to keep those energy levels up while we address food cravings mindfully.


Pick and select what type of boost do you need and how many sessions

Duration: 15 min. sessions

5. 'Mind Your Mind' Day Clinic

Book 1 hr. daily into your corporate calendar for people to individually book 15 min. slots to address their personal emotions and challenges. This is a confidential and personalized approach that provides your tribe with a way to unload their emotions and gain Mindfulness tools to cope with them.

Duration: 1 hr. / 5 days a week

6. Be Posetive

Private sessions addressing emotional and mental obstacles that are preventing you from leading a Posetive lifestyle.

By the end of the session, you will be equipped with mindfulness tools to apply on a daily basis, thus shifting your life perspective​.

Duration: 1 hr.


1. Youthpose

Age group: 5 - 8 yrs.  |  9 - 13 yrs.  |  13 - 16 yrs.


Private sessions tailored for the youth, training them on how to focus while using an engaging FUN approach. 

We will play, share and train those brain muscles so that they will be our allies.


Packages are available and we highly recommend several sessions to really feel the impact.

Package of 5: covers a school week and can be treated as an after school activity

Package of 21: helps them to develop new healthy habits

Duration: 45 mins.

3. Immunity Booster with

Dr. Javed

Dr. Javed Hingora, founder of Dubai Homeopathy Healthcare Centre, will be sharing what is essential to boost your immune system by not only addressing your nutritional and physical lifestyle, but also your emotional and mental ones.

Duration: 30 mins.

2. familypose

Calling in for a Family Council session where all members will have the opportunity, not only to praise each other, but also to communicate their emotions and challenges working together towards family resilience.

The FamilyPose is a very powerful and shifting session, your family will never feel the same.

Duration: 1 hr.

4. Mind Your Leader

This webinar specifically addresses Senior Management on how to connect deeper with their teams, especially during the 'social distancing' period where human connection is much needed.

Duration: 45 mins.

6. Fit Pose

Posetivity has partnered up with Gravity Calisthenics Gym to provide you with the best fitness workouts for your needs. We chose Calisthenics because not only develops your cardio, strength and stamina performance, but also helps in engaging you mentally.

Sessions could be tailored to be in private or semi-private groups depending on your availability.

Duration: 15 mins. / 30 mins. / 1 hr.

5. The Wellness Hub

Posetivity has created The Wellness Hub with the intention of providing people with a common space to address their physical, emotional, social and mental obstacles.

The Hub will be providing sessions daily covering fitness workouts, meditation, healing techniques, kids classes, yoga, a learning space (covering how to learn a language, dancing, painting, etc.); as well as weekly visiting guest speakers covering topics like homeopathy, nutrition, life coaching, career coaching and so on.

*Special corporate packages available if you wish to sign up as a company.

Duration: Ongoing daily activities

We are thrilled to be launching our Wellness Hub and here’s all you need to know:



  • Create a virtual community to encourage each other to stay on our fitness journey and also help others to start theirs

  • Connect up close and personal with our coaches to keep us motivated 

  • Create opportunities for coaches to generate income

  • Based on membership fees to gain your commitment with us


Mind, Body & Soul Sessions


  • Mind Your Ride - guided meditation to start your day with the right intention

  • Mind Fit - mental fitness to keep that brain healthy

  • Mind Ritual - helping you create your own personal ritual to get to hear your inner voice

  • Mindays - a space hosting “light workers” to benefit from their energy

  • Sound Healing - to help us stay on the right tune

  • Yoga - opportunity to connect body and mind through your breath

  • Calisthenics - bodyweight exercises to build strength, tone your body and increase flexibility

  • BreakFit - stay fit using simple breakdance movements to build strength, cardio, and endurance

  • Shape Up - Great workout to keep that shape through training ABS and focusing on:

    • Legs and Glutes: sculpt and tighten lower body

    • Back and triceps: back gains

    • Shoulder and biceps: for upper body

  • Pilate HIIT - dynamic and energetic and will get your heart pumping, while toning your core, glutes and arms. 

  • Zumba - Dance fitness classes that are fun, energetic, and make you feel amazing

  • Posetivity Kids Yoga - training our youth on how to be focused, concentrated and connected (without technology)

  • Socials - community space to keep those party and socializing vibes alive. Join us on Ladies Nights on Tuesdays and Happy Hours on Fridays

Are you IN?

Email your name and contact number to bewellbehome@gmail.com