CSR Ripples

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In School Activities

More than 5,000 students across Dubai had a taste of Posetivity while we shared our programs with schools through their PE sessions highlighting the importance of them being fit both physically and mentally.

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KHDA Community Partner

Being part of the Wellbeing team delivering Posetivity sessions through the Saturday Club.


XYOGA community partner

Delivering activations for the biggest yoga event in Dubai sharing yoga and mindfulness sessions at schools.

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GEMS Posetivity Pilot

Where Posetivity delivered an 8 week PE program covering their requirements from our perspective. Teaching students all about the impact and benefits of the breath to control their anxiety and increase their focus and concentration and thus improve their academic performance.


Al Jalila Foundation: Breast cancer awareness

Every October, I dedicate my time, effort and energy in supporting Al Jalila Foundation spreading a message of hope, courage and positivity. 

Sharing my story through my 2 diagnoses with cancer, and how I was able to turn these curses into opportunities for me to discover the power of our mind in our healing journey.

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Supporting Monviso water (maybe extract something from their message highlighting sustainability, and their support to Al Jalila.


SONBOLA Refugee camp

Back in 2016, Posetivity spread its ripples at Sonbola Refugee Camps in the north of Lebanon. We infused mindfulness but also equipped children with powerful tools for them to face their daily challenges while living in very basic life conditions.


The Kingdom of Happiness - BHUTAN

Posetivity has been on an official visit to the Kingdom to have a deeper insight on how Happiness is lived at its source. We paid visits to schools, we trekked their magnificent mountains & learned valuable insights on how to better incorporate Posetivity into different communities.