Let's talk about the 'C' word...

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The C word represents CHALLENGE

Challenges exist in many ways, shapes, forms & intensities.

Challenges arise at different timings

Challenges represent lessons that we have to learn

Challenges create change… trigger confrontations…create confusion

Challenges symbolize a CALL

Did you think I would be talking about 'COVID-19'?

I think that we all know by now that COVID-19 is a CALL for humanity to wake up.

I think people got that but it will be a long way until they really do wake up.

The change in our lives that we are currently facing is part of what humanity kind of wanted…

We became glued to our screens more than ever,

We developed technology to a level that it could take over our daily lives,

Our offices became our homes

Passive lifestyles is the new lifestyle

Less and less socially connected

Having the convenience for everything to be delivered to us (even our food)

Well, I wasn’t refereeing to COVID-19, because the 'C' word is not only COVID-19

I see COVID-19 the same way I saw CANCER when it hit me.

If you ask doctors what triggers cancer to develop into our bodies, they will refer to that pair of chromosomes that just malfunctioned. But what really triggered those chromosomes to malfunction… that nobody can answer?

The same with COVID-19… it all started with ONE person, just this random person…

A person just like you and me

Doctors helped me CURE but I had to HEAL myself.

Humanity will cure itself from COVID-19… but Humanity needs to HEAL … and healing is a long, enduring and thorough process.

Healing is being trigged collectively, but it only happens internally, individually and independently.

So instead of the 'C' word, shall we start talking more about the 'A' word… AWAKENING

Awakening create acknowledgement, about what have we’ve been doing wrong

Awakening trigger allowance, about allowing us to shift

Awakening defies achievement, about always wanting to know us deeper

Awakening symbolize acceptance, accepting ourselves as ourselves

Awakening represents alleviation, from the suffering that we should let go

Awakening is Healing

Maybe the message that COVID-19 is delivering to us is that…

We are all ONE…

That whatever each one of us does, will affect other…that we are all interconnected

Maybe the message is to…

Stop waiting for others so that YOU can change

Stop searching everywhere for what you’ve always had inside you

Stop looking around you for what is right or wrong

Only one random guy…flipped our lives upside down

Maybe the message is…

That EACH one of us has to start his/her own enduring & long journey

The journey towards yourself…within yourself


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