What if... Am I Enough?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

What if … one day you just wake up?! 

Just like that, just as if somebody shook you so hard or even slapped you on the face?!

All of a sudden, you open your eyes and you feel like you’ve woken up from a long monotonous dream…a dream we call 'LIFE'

You start remembering the different emotions, challenges, the different obstacles, the experiences and all the trials that Life has offered you.

After all the flashbacks, the pain, the joy, the excitement, the sorrow, the courage… you start reflecting

What if… you look back & it’s hard to accept the past version of yourself?

Accept your weaknesses, your flows, your immaturity, your lack of self-confidence…basically accepting your mistakes and misjudgments

Might be hard to accept that the past version of yourself hasn’t been as what you have expected, as what you would have wanted it to be.

What if … you look ahead and it’s hard to greet the future version of yourself?

Who will you be will have to do with how you are presently evolving, your current choices and your outlook at life itself. It will be hard for you to create your future version without focusing on the present version of yourself.

What if… you look within and it’s hard to embrace the present version of yourself?

What if… this present version is the only version you actually have, it’s the only version you have control over, it’s the only version that you can influence.

Its all about you feeling content with who you are

Its about feeling worth it

Its about feeling complete

It’s embracing who you really are

It's accepting what you are made of

It’s trusting what you are capable of

It’s approving who you are

It’s loving YOU

It's just acknowledgingAm I enough?

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