What if … one day you receive a red rose?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A lonely…vulnerable…beautiful…red rose

The first thing we would be tend to do is bring it close and smell it…

We take a deep breath in and try to inhale its scent… 

That scent is the essence of that rose…

It's what we can’t see

It’s what we can’t touch

It’s what we can’t hear

You might want to grab the rose…

But before you do… you watch out for the thorns, to avoid being hurt

Those same thorns enhance the whole image of the rose

Those thorns protect the rose from us… imposing caution and respect 

The rose reaches our hands… we’ve touched it, we’ve smelled it… what happens next? 

What if… you left the rose all wrapped up and alone as you received it?

The same rose…will loose its charm really soon, it will loose its vibrant color, its blooming power

It will loose its scent… the scent that defines it

The scent that makes it a rose

The scent that triggers our being

What if… you embrace the rose … prepare a vase with fresh cold water and place the rose in it?

The same rose… will be able to breathe… to live and to continue to bloom

In this moment, you not only saved the rose from dying, but you also gave it a change to preserve its scent just for a while longer

You helped the rose to stay present longer

You helped the rose to share its radiant color longer

You helped the rose to bloom longer

What if… 

that rose was YOU?

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